Chupanov Family Fund
Limited Partnership
How it works!
We use a short trade strategy. This is a very labor intensive and time-consuming
process. Before the market opens, we analyze the news, conduct technical
analysis and place orders to buy or sell.
Usually our trades are opened and closed during the day.

Fast-growing high-yield real estate market
We conduct transactions in the Dubai real estate market. Today in our portfolio there are 5 real estate objects, with a total value of about 3 million dollars.
Investment is always a risk
We minimize your risks by
Diversification of transactions
Alarge number of short positions
Securing your investment with real estate
The purpose of the fund is to attract capital into management in order to earn money for partners and for the fund.

Chupanov Family Fund has SEC permission Average earnings range from 5% to 13% per month on capital. At the expense of excess profits, I create reserves that I invest in real estate in order to minimize the risks of partners in case of unsuccessful transactions in the stock, financial or commodity markets.