Chupanov Family Fund
Delivering a consistent 24% annual return
Our fund is duly authorized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to welcome investors and oversee investment capital.
Investment Fund by Evgeny Chupanov
Unrestricted Currency Options
Invest in your preferred currency, and we will handle the conversions seamlessly
Straightforward Process For Companies
Streamlined procedure for businesses, allowing investment without the need for cash withdrawals
Secure Investment Environment
Our fund is fully approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for investor attraction and capital management
Reliable Predictability
Stable, dollar-based high returns, unaffected by global fluctuations
Efficiency and Time Savings
Our team of managers diligently oversees market trends, diversifies our fund's portfolio, and regularly adjusts it to save you valuable time and effort
Rest assured, the fund is fully registered in Florida, operates within the bounds of the law, and delivers returns as stipulated in our contractual agreements
How It Works
Contract Agreement
Structured agreements ensuring profitability and return on investments
Currency Conversion on Demand
Effortless conversion of funds to dollars for investment purposes
Portfolio Asset Management
Our expert managers closely track markets and optimize the portfolio for enhanced returns
Earnings Reception
Providing a guaranteed annual return of 24% along with potential gains from currency exchange variances
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About the Fund
«My aim is to offer investors a reliable source of passive income with minimum risks»
Evgeny Chupanov
Founder of Chupanov Family Fund
I'm Evgeny Chupanov, an investor with 16 years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship. I am currently at the helm of four active companies.

The Chupanov Family Fund was established in May 2022 with the goal of generating returns for both our partners and the fund itself. Our monthly returns typically range from 5% to 13%. In addition, any excess profits are strategically allocated to investments in global real estate, providing a buffer against potential market uncertainties.

At the core of our fund management approach are three fundamental principles: profitability, security and sustainability.

Start your investment journey with the Chupanov Family Fund today!
16 years
in the realms of investing and entrepreneurship
At present, we successfully oversee the operations of four dynamic businesses
The fund's average monthly return ranges from 5% to 13%. In instances of exceptional profitability, we strategically invest in international real estate, ensuring risk mitigation for our partners amidst market fluctuations
Fund Documents
You can access the fund's official documentation on the SEC website by navigating to Filings → EDGAR - Search & Access, where companies submit documents to the commission for review.

The fund is registered in the state of Florida, and you can verify this information on the State Department's site. Head to the Division of Corporations section, proceed to Search Records → Search by Entity Name, and input the company name.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC Notice of the Securities Offering, which records the name, place of incorporation, address and other information about the entity.

Certificate of Limited Partnership

Certificate of Limited Partnership CHUPANOV FAMILY FUND LP indicating the name of the partner CHUPANOV INC and the place of its registration.

Partnership Annual Report

Annual Partnership Report for 2023, confirming the fact of cooperation between CHUPANOV FAMILY FUND LP and CHUPANOV INC.
We diligently work towards meeting the predetermined profitability levels and, when necessary, cover losses from our reserve fund.
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